DePriest Construction LLC
Since 1949


About Our Company

DePriest Construction LLC has been in business in the San Luis Valley since O.L. DePriest started the company in 1949.  Keith Hard, his son-in-law, went to work with him shortly after marrying Linda DePriest Hard and they were partners in the business until O.L. retired in 1975.  Linda Hard also worked with bookkeeping, payroll and filled in as needed.  Jeff Hard, grandson of O.L., worked for the company on weekends and summers during high school and full-time afterwards. In 1984 Jeff went to work for a large commercial building contractor in the Colorado Springs and Denver area where he worked as Job Site Superintendent until 2008.  Jeff returned home to the San Luis Valley in 2008 to work with his father Keith building custom homes and cabins in the mountains of southern Colorado.  With the combined experience learned from O.L.'s 35 years construction overall, the lifetime construction career of Keith, and Jeff's 25 years commercial and 8 years residential, DePriest Construction LLC can perform almost any kind of building construction.  

Our Mottos 


We do not ever want to have to come back to redo any part of our work due to inferior workmanship or because it was under built.

About Us

Keith Hard - Owner, 52 years construction experience

Linda Hard - Owner, several years experience

Jeff Hard - Owner, 25 years commercial and 8 years residential construction experience.  See his resume

Alan Jones - Jobsite Foreman with 13 years experience working with DePriest Construction LLC


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